About NC Express

About NC Express

International courier delivery services can be costly and complex. Often, customers have to choose between fast delivery and affordable pricing, or cheap delivery and slower speed. At NC Express, we eliminate the need for this compromise by providing fast delivery at affordable prices.

With 30 years of experience in the logistics industry of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, we bring you a global network that ensures your parcel is delivered fast and safely. We work with you to provide international courier services that are customized to your needs.

With our vast experience in international courier delivery services between Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia—and our commitment to high-quality standards—we’re confident that we can meet your shipping needs quickly and affordably. Contact us today to get started!


To be the leading courier service in Asia, so that you can enjoy a fuss-free delivery experience.


To help individuals and companies in Asia make deliveries to people and businesses across the region for an affordable fee.

We are dedicated to assisting you in your courier needs to another country by providing the most reliable service possible.

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